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School Overview

With a proprietary teaching methodology, personalised lessons, fantastic teachers, and the smallest class sizes in town, CLC Montreal language school helps language learners discover greater richness in life through conversation, culture and connection. CLC Montreal language school helps language learners discover greater richness in life through conversation, culture and connection.

What does CLC stand for?

  • Culture: There are practical reasons to learn a new language, but to us the bigger value is discovering the rich diversity of human culture. This is how we see the world - and ourselves - with new eyes.
  • Language: With a proprietary teaching methodology, personalized lessons, fantastic teachers, and the smallest class sizes in town, we get you speaking with ease - fast. No one in Montreal does it better.
  • Connections: People tell us our school feels like home no matter where you're from. This makes it easier to master a new language. But more than that, this sense of community makes life a little more meaningful.s formula is our passion and our offering to you.

Top Five Student Nationalities

  • Canadian 
  • Korean 
  • Japanese 
  • American
  • Brazilian


CLC made me experience a new way of learning that was actually very motivating and efficient.” - Selim, Tunisia.

The atmosphere was so friendly here. Teachers helped me to stop being afraid of speaking in English. Thank you!” - Ekaterina, Russia.

If you want to improve speaking, it is a good idea to choose CLC. To be honest, I am sure you will like CLC. Don’t hesitate!” - KyooDon, South Korea.

School Message

We want many things from our work together: happy and successful students, a feeling of excellence and accomplishment, a thriving business, personal growth and recognition, a strong sense of community. But at the deepest level, we want to contribute to a world in which there is more joy, more understanding, more love.

  • We create a space and an experience in which people can feel joy, understanding and love.
  • And then, with greater ability to connect with others through language, our students leave us well-equipped to create even more joy, understanding, and love in the world.

These are the things we care about most.

About Montreal

CLC Montreal is located at the heart of Notre-Dame-de-Grace's Monkland Village, which is a 5-minute walk from metro station Villa-Maria. Our school is surrounded by many bakeries, cafes, restaurants and specialty boutiques. It is easily accessible to Montreal's downtown by metro or bus within 30 minutes.

Our Location

4260 Ave Girouard, Montreal, Quebec, H4A 3C9, Canada.

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Courses Overview

Connect and communicate with classmates from all over the world.

Morning courses:

  • Vocabulary Buildingstudents practice vocabulary that they are interested in mastering
  • Skills Acquisitionteacher presents or reviews communication skills students lack
  • Skills Practicestudents refine their skills and put into practice what they have learned

Afternoon courses:

  • Week 1 – Pronunciationfine-tune the way you speak, from individual sounds to intonation and delivery
  • Week 2 – Mixed-mediapractice listening and learn strategies to assist in comprehension
  • Week 3 – Seminarcontent-based learning that combines reading, research, writing, and presentation
  • Week 4 – Hands Onapply your language skills outside of the classroom in real life situations



We offer homestay accommodations with local families who can speak the language students are learning in Montreal. Options include:

  • Homestay (with breakfast)
  • Homestay (with breakfast & dinner) 
  • Homestay (with 3 meals)

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