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Four things you have to do as a student in New York

Posted30 May 2017 New York Social Activities

If you’re planning on studying at one of the many English language schools in New York, you’ll want to pack in as much sightseeing as you can over the duration of your course. You might think there isn’t enough time – don’t worry, there will be! – but these are four things you simply have to do as a student in the Big Apple.

Things to do in New York as a student

1. See world famous landmarks

New York is packed full of amazing landmarks in stunning locations, and walking throughout the main part of the city will mean you take in many of them with little effort!

Amongst the ones you don’t want to miss? The Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building speak for themselves, while it is also worth picking out some of the famous neighbourhoods such as SoHo or Harlem to stroll around and soak up the history.

Other unmissable areas include the enormous Central Park, while Fifth Avenue is one of the most famous shopping districts North America.

2. Take a sightseeing tour

Do not underestimate how big New York and its five main boroughs are. For certain things, it pays to get the professionals to help, and a sightseeing tour means taking in many hidden areas of the city with the added benefit of guidance from an expert.

Tours are often available in a variety of different languages, and range from hop on hop off adventures via set bus routes, to helicopter rides over the skyline. They are even available for your favourite TV shows such as Sex and the City and Friends!

3. Visit world famous museums and galleries

New York is the home to a range of famous museums and galleries, many of which are free or discounted if you are a student. The Metropolitan Museum of Art contains over 2 million works of art, while the Guggenheim Museum holds work from Picasso, Chagall and Manet.

4. Try all of the food

Fancy yourself as a bit of a foodie? If so, New York’s wide variety of pizzeria’s, delis and restaurants will leave you wanting more. Try food ubiquitous with the city in the form of chicken and waffles, hot dogs, pastrami on rye and cheesecake.

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