Three of the Best English Language Schools in Sydney

Posted13 September 2018 Study English in Australia Sydney

Sydney is a fantastic place to live as an international student, with its stunning beaches, warm weather and friendly, cosmopolitan locals. It is also home to a large number of international English language schools, welcoming students of all ages and ability as they look to get ahead in this global world. Traditional courses such as general English, academic English and junior programmes are all offered, and applying could not be easier.

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Three of the Best English Schools in Sydney

Education First Sydney

At EF Sydney, you will learn English faster. EF Sydney recently opened a brand new school located in a vibrant student neighbourhood and you will advance one level every six weeks, due to innovative and personalised learning methods that blends classroom lessons, interactive tools and cultural immersion.

In your down time, relax in the large student lounge where you can play pool, foosball or video games.

Embassy English Sydney

Embassy Sydney has a modern school in Darlinghurst, just minutes from public transport, shops, nightclubs, museums and Hyde Park, a popular spot for parties and picnics.

Teachers use interactive technology to make English lessons fun and focussed, and you will quickly improve in high-tech classrooms.

ILSC Sydney

ILSC Sydney is located in the Central Business District, close to train and bus routes and many amazing sites. Choose from a wide selection of English courses and programmes to meet your needs, including English through Sydney, the Café Work Skills courses, the University Pathway Program, and the IELTS Mastery Program.

Study English in Sydney

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