Five reasons to study English in the USA

Posted10 January 2018 Lifestyle Study English in the USA

The influence of American culture, literature and education is all around us. If you want to see this larger than life country up close, studying English in the USA is perfect fit for a young international student who wants to get ahead.

Whether you wish to study English in larger cities such as New York and Los Angeles, or smaller, more reserved locales like Seattle or San Diego, SI-English can help you find the perfect study destination with our free application service.

Learn more about why you should consider studying English in America below, and get in touch with SI-English today so we can help you find your dream school.

Study English in the USA

Why study English in the USA?

1. Improve your English

English is the main language spoken in America and all your classes will be taught by native speakers who can help you develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. If you wish to study at a US college or university, advance level English classes will ensure you are up to speed before classes begin.

2. Travel

America is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world and, though you may be based in a large metropolitan city, it is not difficult to get out and explore the mountains, deserts, national parks and great lakes at your finger tips.

3. Educational opportunities

By choosing to study English in the US, you will have direct access to over 3,000 colleges and universities – more than any other country in the world! Many English schools have close links with these schools, enabling you to enjoy taster days and direct enrolment opportunities depending on the circumstances.

4. Benefits to your long term career

International experience goes a long way on your CV and, by studying in the US, you will be showcasing a passion for bettering yourself through your multi-cultural language ability. Long term career prospects will only be enhanced by your experiences of studying English in America.

5. Excellent international support

All language schools want you to feel as at home as possible when you arrive, and a full support network of teachers, counsellors and workshops will make your transition to living and learning in the USA as easy as possible. Social activities are also available at each school, and these include trips to local sights of interest, cinema nights and sports days.

Study English in the USA

Do you want to study English in the USAGet in touch with SI-English today and we can help you apply to over 50 different English schools in America.

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