Three Reasons to Study English in Perth

Posted12 September 2017 Lifestyle Social Activities Study English in Australia

Like most of Australia, Perth benefits from a warm, sunny climate, fantastic beaches and lots of places to explore both in and around the city. If you wish to study English in Perth, language schools such as Lexis English Perth and the University of Western Australia Centre for English Language Training offer a wide variety of courses for all ages and abilities.

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Why study English in Perth?

1. It is one of the world’s most liveable cities

The World Liveability Index takes into account factors such as a city's climate, corruption and social or religious restrictions, as well as the availability of sport and culture, food and drink and consumer goods and services.

In the latest 2017 ranking, Perth was voted the 7th most liveable city in the world and scored a 100% in the areas of healthcare, education and infrastructure!

2. The beauty of Rottnest

Perth is the only city in Australia to have an A-class nature reserve just 30 minutes off its coast. Rottnest is stunning and is particularly busy in the summer months as people flock to its beaches, wildlife and diving opportunities.

3. Sunshine and beaches

According to Google, Perth has more hours of sunshine than any other Australian city! It has an average of 3212 hours of sunshine annually, which in turn means you will be able to spend more time on its 19 local beaches which boast white sand, clear ocean water and no rubbish. Don’t forget to catch the stunning sunrises and sunsets!

Apply to study English in Australia

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