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English Language Schools in Ireland

Ireland is a popular destination for international students, combining fantastic language schools with historical cities, beautiful scenery and a unique heritage. Over 30,000 international students from 160 countries call Ireland home and the country remains a member of the European Union.

Explore Ireland's most popular study destinations below and apply with SI-English today. We will guarantee you an offer from an Irish English school within 24 hours!

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Why study English in Ireland?

Ireland is like few places on earth. Beautiful landscapes, scenic beauty, famous hospitality, and a rich culture of music, socialising and sport make for an unforgettable experience.

English schools in Dublin offer excellent facilities and helpful, experienced staff to ensure you get the best learning experience possible.

Can I work as a student in Ireland?

Students from the EU are free to work full or part-time while studying in Ireland.

If you choose to stay in Ireland and study at a University, it gets even better with the post-study visa which makes it easier for students to look for job opportunities in the country after they graduate.

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Where can I study English in Ireland?

Learn more about some of the great cities and language schools in Ireland below.

Dublin Language Schools

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and home to a number of fantastic universities, as well as plenty of English language schools which can help you get there. You’ll join 100,000 other students who enjoy this friendly, small and cosmopolitan city.

  • EF Dublin

    Enrol on an EF English course in Dublin and discover a truly Irish city with an amazing international feel.

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  • Kaplan Dublin

    Kaplan in Dublin offers superior learning and social facilities and students can be assured of learning English in a friendly atmosphere.

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  • Malvern House Dublin

    Malvern House strive to provide English Language Programmes in Dublin that will quickly develop your confidence to communicate.

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