The Best English Language Schools in Brisbane

Posted25 January 2018 Brisbane Lifestyle

Brisbane combines all the elements of a big city with the comforts of a smaller community, making it a fantastic place to study English. The third largest city in Australia is also home to a large number of language schools who offer a wide variety of courses, including general English, IELTS and Cambridge Exam Preparation.

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English Schools in Brisbane

Browns English School in Brisbane

What they say: BROWNS Brisbane campus is located in the heart of the city’s popular shopping and eating district. The school occupies the entire first floor of a modern building and overlooks the spectacular Museum of Brisbane and King George Square.

What Browns students say: "I would like to say that BROWNS built my future. They assisted me in learning to write an academic essay, to speak fluently in English, and to find information from various sources such as reading books and using the Internet. BROWNS lead me to be active in my studies, so now I can do my school work without any problems." - Zainab, Tanzania.

Lexis Brisbane

What they say: If you're looking for a Brisbane city centre English study location, then look no further than Lexis English Brisbane. Lexis Brisbane occupies the newly-renovated sixth floor of a modern office building, with extensive views of City Hall and the Brisbane skyline from our roof terrace - the ideal spot to relax after class and soak up some of that famous Queensland sun.

What Lexis students say: "Hello! I study English in Lexis Brisbane, This town is very nice and people are very friendly. Lexis is conveniently located in Brisbane. It is in the City centre. The quality of the lessons are very good because it’s very relaxing. You can make friends easily and learn more English more quickly." - Thibault, Switzerland.

LSI Brisbane

What they say: Language Studies International Brisbane is located in a heritage building in the heart of the city, close to transport services, restaurants and shops.

What LSI students say: "I enjoyed and learned so much at the LSI. I have made a lot of friends from everywhere and I have learnt about their different cultures. All the teachers and the staff at the LSI are really cool!" - Andrea Makhoul, Venezuela.

Other Language Schools in Brisbane

Learn English in Brisbane

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