How to Choose the Right English Language School

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Have you decided to take the next big step in your life and study English in a foreign country? If so, it is important to choose the right destination to benefit your learning. The majority of English schools all offer similar English courses, so the decision on where to study becomes a much bigger consideration.

This is where SI-English can help though. Follow some of our tips on finding the right English school below, and don't forget our 100% Free Application Service will guarantee you an offer from an English school within 24 hours of your application being submitted!

How to choose an English Language School

1. Choose your global destination

When deciding to learn English, it is important to consider where you want to study. Sure, you could learn in your home town or city, but will that truly help accelerate your learning? By choosing an English speaking global destination such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK or USA, you will improve your speaking and listening much quicker than studying at home and make friends to last a life time.

2. Select the right city

Do you want to be in a cosmopolitan city such as London or New York, where life never slows down, or would you prefer to take things a little easier while learning, and study somewhere like Vancouver or Sydney? When selecting your ideal city, consider the pace of life and cost which are involved in living there for a period of time.

All language schools offer social activities and this should also be considered when choosing your destination. Activities somewhere like Los Angeles will vary wildly compared to Perth for example.

3. Consider the cost

The final consideration about where to study is the cost involved. You will need to consider flights, accommodation, tuition fees and living expenses before making your final choice. The cost of an English course depends on the time of year and amount of weeks you wish to study, and most importantly, where it is. In the UK for example, London is much more expensive than a city in the north such as Manchester.

4. Check the school is fully accredited

When considering which school to join, check that it is fully accredited in the areas of teaching, student care, administration and management. All of the schools featured on SI-English are 100% accredited by national and international bodies, so you are in safe hands.

5. Apply with SI-English

Do you have a clearer idea on where you might want to study? We can help you secure an offer from your chosen English school destination with our 100% Free Application Service

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