Six Reasons to Study English in Cambridge

Posted6 July 2017 Cambridge Social Activities Study English in the UK

Cambridge is a prestigious academic city with a global reputation for excellence. Over a fifth of its residents are students, meaning you will be surrounded by many likeminded young people looking to get ahead in life. The city will prove to be an inspirational setting for your studies in the UK.

Why study English in Cambridge?

1. Centuries of academic excellence

The City of Cambridge is famous throughout the world for education, and presidents and princes, prime ministers and princesses have all studied here. Past students include Sir Isaac Newton, Professor Stephen Hawking and Charles Darwin.

2. Eye-catching architecture

Architecturally magnificent colleges speak of centuries of academic excellence and ancient, picturesque and famous university buildings make for great photo opportunities.

3. Punting on the River Cam

Want to be chauffeured along the beautiful River Cam? Punting is famous in Cambridge and will take in all the sights.

4. Its cycling friendly

Cambridge is famously flat and is the most bicycle friendly city in the UK. Parking can get a little crowded though!

5. Eating, shopping and culture in the city centre

The streets of Cambridge are extremely easy to walk around and are full of museums, galleries, diverse restaurants and quirky shops to enjoy.

6. Close to London

Want to experience the capital of the UK? London is just 50 minutes away by train!

English courses in Cambridge

There are a mix of English courses you can study in Cambridge, both short and long-term. They include:

  • General and Intensive English
  • Cambridge, IELTS and TOEFL Exam Preparation
  • English for Work

Study English in Cambridge

If you are interested in studying English in the UK, apply with SI-English today. We can help you apply and guarantee you an offer letter from a school within 24 hours. You can also view a list of all English language schools in the UK.

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