Where can I study English in Miami?

Posted14 November 2017 Miami Social Activities

Miami is famous for its warm climate, art-deco buildings and nightlife, and studying English in this larger than life American city will prove to be a memorable experience for a young international learner.

Also heavily influenced by its large Cuban population, Miami is home to a number of top international English schools. Learn more about them below, and sign up to study English with SI-English today.

English Schools in Miami

EF Miami

How many global language schools can boast their own private swimming pool? Education First Miami can, and by choosing to study here you will benefit from bright modern classrooms with amazing views of the ocean. Located in a large art-deco building overlooking the famous South Beach, organised trips to Key West and Orlando also take place.

Featured courses at EF Miami:

  • EF Intensive: Learn as quickly as possible
  • EF English for Business: Improve your job prospects

EC Miami

EC Miami is another English school located close to South Beach, with its modern classrooms just a short walk to the beach and a huge variety of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. As an EC student, you will also benefit from a comprehensive social programme which includes karaoke, art walks, outdoor movies and sports on the beach!

Featured courses at EC Miami:

  • English in the City: Learn English and directly experience local sights and culture
  • General & Intensive English: Choose the intensity of your of your course for fluency

Apply to study English in Miami

If you are interested in studying English in Miami, apply with SI-English today. We can help you apply and guarantee you an offer letter from a school within 24 hours. You can also view a list of all English language schools in the USA.

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